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Lefkada and Nidri

  • Princes' Islands

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Lefkada is renowned for its splendid beaches and its all around green landscape. The island is easily accessed via navigable bridge of 80 metres that offers 24 hour access from and to mainland Greece.
Gyalos Beach


Lefkada could be separated in 3 different parts depending on her morphology. The Eastern part, with shallow seas and the splendid cluster of Pringkiponnisa (Princes' islands), the centre of the island with its vast volume of green landscape, Vineyards in the mountainous area of Lefkada where visitors will find traditional hamlets, forests and gorges of incredible beauty and the Western side, wild with splendid beaches and stunning views. We recommend to the visitors of Lefkada island, apart from the beaches, to visit the waterfalls in Nydri, the gorge in Sfakiotes, the folklore museum in Karya where they will see also unique Karsaniko embroidery, the forest of Skaroi in Nikiana and the historical monasteries that are found scattered all over Lefkada.


Nidri became known internationally through its acquaintance with Aristotle Onnassis and his island Scorpios. The resort offers the possibility for marine sports such as water skiing and parascending amongst the Pringkiponnisa.


Princes Islands view


Nidri during the summer period is perhaps the most live piece on Lefkada with the innumerable yachts that stop in his harbour, the endless restaurants and coffee bars. Tourists from the all parts of world compose a polyplismic jigsaw.

From the harbour of Nydri there are small medium and large boats that will take you on a cruise around the Princes' Islands (Prinkiponnisa), to the well-known beaches Porto Katsiski and Egkremni, to Cephalonia and Ithaca and the cave of Papanikoli and Meganisi.

If you enjoy the adventure we recommend you rent a small boat from the beach in Nydri and explore the area of the Prigkiponisia, and discover the beautiful secluded bays.

One bedroom Residences / 2-4 Guests
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Two bedrooms Residences / 4-7 Guests
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