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Роскошный высокий рейтинг курорта в Ионические острова

Как роскошный и высокий рейтинг курорта в Ионических островах может гарантировать свои каникулы.

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Панорамный вид с террасы нашего комплекса (острова Scorpios , Sparti , Scorpidi , Madouri , Heloni , Tsokari )

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Добро пожаловат

Welcome to the website of our resort.

We will try to let you know as much as we can for our amazing complex.
Words are usually unable  to describe photos, views or the reality of the scenery and the ambience.
That's why we suggest to watch the live view camera, the videos of the Residences,
the virtual tour of the Residences and its surroundings and  of course the photos.  
Any way, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Виллы разряда люкс «PRINCES' ISLANDS» получили название от названия островка, который находится напротив комплекса. Эти зелёные островки, натуральная зона Vlihu зеленые горы, которые поднимаются за комплексом, голубизна воды по которой плывут десятки маленьких...



2-4 Гостей Резиденции

Вилла разряда дюкс находится в Нидри,Лекфада в живописном месте с видом на море и способна вместить от 2-х до4-х человек. На те...


4-7 Гостей Резиденции

Вилла разряда люкс находится в селе Нидри Лекфада в зелёной среде с видом на большую зону островов PRINCE и спосбна вместить 4-6...


Наши Услуги

Почему выбрали нас


We guarantee all deposits

and advance payments of our clients.
Our business operates strictly under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and according to the laws and regulations of the European Union.
Our specific and unique registry identification number is:

ΜΗΤΕ : 0831Κ133Κ0470601


We pursue conduct all our communication,

transactions and dealings directly and exclusively with our clientele, without any intermediaries or agencies.
Thus, we have achieved to maintain our prices without any surcharges and we always avoid NOT to encumber our clients with any other extra or hidden expenses,
costs or charges.


Our success is your satisfaction.

Our aim is success. Our success is your satisfaction.
We recognize and respect the meaning of your vacation, meeting your expectations with a passion for perfection.
We are  satisfied only with the perfect result.


Spacious Residences

The Residences are so spacious and comfortable that they can accommodate big families or parties of friends,
feeling for everything looked after and meet all requirements.


Uninterrupted view

The amazing view from the complex cannot be realistically reflected, through words, pictures or videos.
But you can enjoy it from the large verandas of the Residences.


Perfect environment

The Residences and surrounding space are fully equipped, so you can offer to your family or those you love exactly what they need.


High standards

Our standards are really high , so we chose for you the ideal location for quite and relaxing Residences. Contemporary you have the comfort of shopping in 3 minutes
  and the correct starting point to explore the rest of  the island easily.


We take care for you / Positive Reviews

We really love what we do, and we do it right. As a result we  are always there for you , without you........... having to search for us and we have the certainty
 that you will visit us again and you will recommend our Residences everywhere, like most of our clients have done.  

Клиент Впечатления

  • Princes' Islands

    +30 26450 93174 , +30 6944 394 190



Perigiali Nidri ,

Lefkada 31084 ,

+30 26450 93174 , +30 6944 394 190