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How to get there


There are many ways to travel to the island of Lefkada. The most ideal are by vehicle, bus (National Bus Service KTEL), flight or for the more experienced traveler, by boat.
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By car

From Athens use the National Road Athens-Patras from Patras cross the bridge at Rio and then follow on to Amphilochia. At Amphilochia follow the signs to Lefkada for approximately 40 minutes and then you will come to the bridge that connects Mainland Greece to the island of Lefkada.
If you are travelling from Nothern Greece follow the Egnantia Road and at Ioannina or Igoumenitsa follow the signs for Preveza-Lefkada. At Preveza follow the signs for the Under-Water Tunnel and from the time you exit, Lefkada will be approximately 20 minutes away.

By the National Bus Service

The National Bus Service runs from all major towns and cities of Greece with direct lines to Lefkada. From Athens you take the coach from Kiffissou bus station. There are also direct daily runs to Lefkada from Patras, Thessalonika, Ioannina, Agrinion, and Preveza.
The telephone number for the bus station in Lefkada (KTEL) is +30 2645-022-364 & +30  210 5150108.


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By plane

You can fly to the island of Lekfada, via PVK Aktion-Lefkada Airport. There are daily flights during the summer season from Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport; also there are regular flights from Thessalonica, Corfu, Cephalonia, Zakynthos etc.
There are also many charter flights to PVK Aktion-Lefkada Airport from all over Europe. For more information call PVK Aktion-Lefkada Airport tel: +30 26820 26113
By boat

Lefkada is connected to the nearby islands of Cephalonia and Ithaca whereby there are regular ferries with daily routes to and from these islands.
For more information call the Port Authority Nidri tel: +30 26450 29169.

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